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Child Seat

Big Fun for Little Legs – Cruise Emerald Isle as a Family!

Bring everyone along for the ride with our comfy Burley Dash rack-mounted child seat! Now your littlest adventurer can join the fun safely and securely on the back of one of our standard beach cruisers.

Imagine this: Cruising down the beach path with the whole crew, the wind in your hair and the sun on your faces. Priceless!

Here's why your whole family will love Isle Cycle:

  • Family Fun for All Ages: No one gets left behind! The Burley Dash child seat lets your littlest one enjoy the ride in comfort.

  • Explore Together: Discover hidden corners of the island, soak up the sun, and create lasting memories as a family.

  • Safety First: The Burley Dash is an award-winning secure and comfy child seat, keeping your little one happy throughout the ride.

  • Comfy Cruisers: Our beach cruisers are perfect for laid-back island adventures, big and small!

  • $50 per day

  • $70 per 3-day

  • $90 per week




available in 3 sizes

Combo Lock


required for child

(pick-up at the store)

40 pound weight limit
Not recommended for children younger than 1 year

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