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Adult Trike

Cruise with Confidence and Comfort – Explore Emerald Isle on a Trike!

Sunshine, salty air, and exploring Emerald Isle at your own pace – sounds perfect, right? But maybe you're looking for a little extra stability without sacrificing the island vibes. Look no further than Isle Cycle's trikes! Our trikes offer the perfect blend of stability and style, making them ideal for riders of all ages and abilities. Whether you don't quite have the balance you once did or simply want a comfortable ride while carrying groceries or souvenirs, a trike is the answer!

Explore and Carry with Ease:

Just like our classic cruisers, trikes boast comfy saddles and wide handlebars for a relaxing ride. But the real star of the show is the large rear basket, perfect for carrying beach essentials, picnic supplies, or treasures you discover on your island adventure.

Don't let balance keep you from exploring Emerald Isle!

  • $70 per day

  • $110 per 3-day

  • $130 per week




5 speed twist shifter

Combo Lock


optional but recommended

(pick-up at the store)


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